Lower the Post Oak (the Bailey Farm) development density to avoid traffic safety issues

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Post Oak development represents a planned housing density that far exceeds the current capabilities of the roads (Tooles Bend and Tedford) that would be used by the residents.  Safety hazards already exist at the intersection of these two roads and the width of both roads is less than 20 feet in many locations.  A proposed traffic control mechanism at Northshore and Tooles Bend would only serve to create more traffic flow problems.

A recent traffic study estimates the volume of traffic would increase at least 300%.  This doesn't take in consideration the considerable damage to Tooles Bend Rd during the 10-year construction phase.  Nor does it estimate the amount of additional traffic from electricians, plumbers, landscape crews, sanitation crews, and pool maintenance personnel once homes become inhabited.

Tedford Rd is only 17 feet wide in many places and already has traffic density issues. The developer said in a June meeting that no plans exist to upgrade, improve, or enhance Tedford.

The current number of homes along Tooles Bend is less than 300.  Adding an additional 650 homes in one development is out of keeping with the current density and an irresponsible use of the farm land.