Lower Uniform Prices

Lower Uniform Prices

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Why this petition matters

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Have you ever thought that school uniform prices are just too high? Well, a decision has been made on starting an advocacy project to lower these prices. Below are the details on why you should start advocating to lower these prices, and how the project will work.

Who Are the Target Audience and Where Will This Take Place?
This project will take place in AIS (American International School of Kuwait, the target audience are students of the middle and high school community, since they are the most vulnerable to buying more uniforms than elementary students.

How Will You Get Involved and What Will Happen When Petition Time is Over?
By signing the petition, you will agree on advocating for lower AIS uniform prices. By the end of spring break the petition time will be over, and the petitions will be taken to the school administration to be presented to them.

Why Should You Advocate for Lower Uniform Prices?
There are lots of reasons to why you should advocate for lower uniform prices, and the most important ones will be listed below.

·         Growth Spurts

People in their teens tend to have growth spurts, which will force them to buy new uniforms since the older ones are too small to wear. Without uniform students cannot enter AIS, since they are not in dress code. 

·         Puberty 

Puberty is one of the main causes for lowering the school uniforms for the middle and high school community of AIS. Puberty causes teenagers to become unhygienic, which means they need to have more than one pair of uniform in their closet. Having more than one pair of uniform is important. For example; 

·         Harder to Afford

Parents are most likely to be under pressure because of how much they have to pay, and the uniform adds up to this pressure, since it is expensive. This actually connects to the two reasons above, since puberty and growth spurts have a big role in buying uniform.

Uniform prices need to be lowered, and we need your Help

215 have signed. Let’s get to 500!