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Lower the voting age, let citizens ages 16 and 17 vote in DC

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Support lowering the voting age to extend suffrage to 16 and 17 year olds and empower them to make a impact on local, state, and national political and legislative issues.

States such as California, Florida, and Alaska have attempted to lower the voting age to little success. In 2013 a precedent for lowering the voting age in the US was set in Takoma Park, Maryland when they became the first municipality in the nation to lower its voting age to 16 for municipal elections and referendums. Austria became the first European nation to lower its voting age to 16 and since then a plethora of information has been made available regarding voting statistics for this uncharted demographic.

16 & 17 year old should be able to vote because...

  • We need to get young Americans started in the voter process sooner
  • Those who being voting earlier are more likely to become lifetime voters
  • The views of the youth are unique and essential
  • Youth are equally affected by some of the same laws adults are effected by
  • Youth are capable of making the informed decisions required for voting
  • Provide youth with a voice in the political system 
  • Many youth pay sales and/or income tax - “taxation without representation”
  • In studies conducted in other countries that lowered their voting ages, voter involvement surged astronomically.
  • University of Vienna has shown that the average participation of the 16-17 demographic is equal to the demographics 18-21, 26-30, and 31+
  • 16-17 demographic in Austria has statistically average political interest than all generations under 31 years of age

Support Lowering Youth Voting Ages in the District of Columbia!

Sponsored by Youth for National Change, District of Columbia Chapter

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