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Lower the Australian voting age to 16

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In Australia if you are 16-17 years old you are old enough to:

  • join and serve in the military
  • drive a potentially dangerous automobile
  • work a job and pay tax
  • rent or own your own place 
  • have sexual relations
  • have children
  • in unusual circumstances, get married

Yet since the voting age is 18, you are not old enough to vote!

This is an anachronistic oversight of the classical liberal idea of freedom of opportunity. Young people therefore have no means of political representation, yet so many issues today concern young people.

Despite allegations of tuning off politics, younger people are terribly interested in their futures and the future of our great country, and since the rise of social media and the internet, they are more aware and informed than ever before. More than ever they are asking to have a say and more than ever they need to have a seat at the democratic table!

We should empower rather than suppress their democratic opportunity to vote.

Other countries like Brazil, Argentina, Austria and Estonia have already made the change to 16. Australia could be a leader for the West.

There is also new scientific evidence that suggests young people make more economical decisions rather than relying on shortcuts.[1]

We are calling for bipartisan support for the motion to change this law ASAP, to lower the voting age to 16yo, so that young people will have a political voice.

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