Lower the age of cervical cancer screening to save young women’s lives

Lower the age of cervical cancer screening to save young women’s lives

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Why this petition matters

Started by Melanie Hollis

Please can everybody sign and share this Petition. I have requested that the government fund the NHS to lower the age when cervical smear tests are undertaken. Currently only women aged 25 and over are screened for abnormal cervical cells which can lead to cervical cancer. I propose that all women from the age of 20 are offered a smear test and I am of a view that this will save many young women’s lives. There is research that has identified that cervical cancer in the age range of 20 to 24 is increasing resulting in many avoidable premature deaths of young women.

It is a fact that individuals are becoming sexually active at a younger age. The HPV virus which can symptom less is the main cause of cervical cancer and having to wait until the age of 25 for a smear test could result in young women being diagnosed at a stage of cervical cancer which is incurable.

Previous petitions have been made requesting the age of smear tests is lowered. However Parliament advised that they considered young women often have cell changes in the cervix which are not harmful but could result in intervention such as a cone biopsy that they considered heightened risk of premature labour in pregnancy. However I am of a view that should a women for example have some abnormal cells than these are monitored via a Colposcopy and 6 monthly smears. This will then monitor the abnormal cervical cells and identify early should they develop into cancerous cells. This action would safe lives.

Currently the healthcare professionals are not considering young women at risk of cervical cancer when in fact they are. Action is needed to change this and I require 100,000 signatures for this petition to be discussed in Parliament. This is not just a fight for women as the premature deaths are young women also negatively impact upon men. Think about the men who have lost their wife/partner who are now raising their children alone, the fathers that outlive their children who are in unbearable daily pain, the brothers, uncles and male friends .

In order for change to happen we must protest. This should not be about money but about saving lives that can easily be prevented. I will continue to fight in honour of my daughter who passed away 4th March 2022 who passed away three weeks following a late diagnosis of cervical cancer aged 31.

Please sign this petition and share it along with my words far and wide. We need action now.



693 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!