Lower the age for Ovarian cancer screening in Ireland

Lower the age for Ovarian cancer screening in Ireland

11 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amy Browne

My mam has asked me to share her story and raise awareness so that's exactly what I'm going to do. 


A little over 4 months ago she was admitted into hospital in awful pain with a destended bloated stomach to the point that she couldnt tie her shoes .

Literally the next day we got the news that has turned our world on its head that she has Ovarian Cancer . The word cancer in itself just scares the life out of you . In my head I thought to myself no she will be fine sure she has regular smears it couldn't be that far gone. 


This is where we were all very wrong . As women we have come a long way fighting to lower the age of breast checks and for having smears and so many lives have been saved , but Ovarian cancer also known as the "silent killer" when I looked it up online . Little did we know that this does not show up in a smear test at all . The smear only checks for cells of the HPV virus , under the impression that gives you a gyne check we are very wrong !


A smear DOES NOT rule out all gyne cancers only prevents cervical 


By the time you actually have symptoms of Ovarian cancer it's already too late , This is why something needs to be done!


Please I urge you if you haven't already as a woman go get your full gyne check and make them regular . My mam is now late stage 3 , we don't know where we are gona be this time next year but to think a small check could of prevented this is sickening .


The reason we in Ireland don't have them as a mandatory check like a smear is because our statistics say 85% of women only get Ovarian cancer in their 80s. Well are they wrong in the last 4 months I know of 3 women all under the age of 50! Something needs to be done and until the government change it please take onas of it yourself and have regular checks it's the only prevention . Don't sit around waiting to have a symptom as I said by then it's already late stages.


In other countries women yearly get a smear and Abdominal/ transvaginal scan to check and prevent other gyne cancers in women but in Ireland because statistics majority show women in their 80s having these cancers it's not funded for us to have a full check . Only smears, when clearly these days younger women are getting these gyne cancers 


The symptoms are:


Abdominal bloat and swelling 

Quickly feeling full when eating 

Weight loss

Wheezing when breathing 

Changes in bowel habits 

Constantly needing to urinate 


Please share this post to raise awareness and lower the age of screening for Ovarian and other gyne cancers here in Ireland  .

This like a smear should be available to all women in the country for prevention . Please sign and share this post something needs to change 

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Signatures: 2,038Next Goal: 2,500
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