Making Lower Marsh market plastic free!

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Lets make Lower Marsh Market single-use plastic and polystyrene free!

Lower Marsh Market brightens my working week with its great tasting diverse food stalls. But like more and more people I'm deeply concerned about single-use plastics pollution in our environment. There is plastic pollution in our oceans, in the water we drink and the air we breath, it's a big global problem and together we can do our bit to solve it. Lets eliminate all single-use plastic and polystyrene packaging from Lower Marsh Market!
By signing this petition lets show the demand among consumers for biodegradable recycled packaging and encourage market traders and organisers to make the change. Please, I don't want to be thinking of chocked up whales and turtles next time I'm tucking into my chicken yassa or spicy jollof with a plastic knife and fork in a polystyrene tray!

Lets clean up our market and win for the environment and great tasting food!