Lower international tuition for Ukrainian students & students affected by the war

Lower international tuition for Ukrainian students & students affected by the war

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Why this petition matters

We have seen across Canada & even in the United States at many different Universities and Colleges there is inaction; with the exception of a few. This is taking place by unwillingness to grant extensions, ignorance of the gravity of the situation, the belief that this war will end tomorrow (WHICH WE HOPE IT DOES!) and avoidance of the subject that emergency bursaries will only provide a certain amount, be able to cover so much, may only take certain people into consideration and so on.

The reality is that in addition to the closure of banks, cyber attacks on banks and bombings the current exchange rate as of 8am on Tuesday March 1st is 0.04 Ukrainian dollar and 0.01 Russian dollar to every Canadian dollar.

We need action now and we need to show Universities & Colleges that Ukrainians & non-Ukrainians NEED international tuition lowered during this time of turmoil to ensure students can take a well deserved breath!

We believes it is safe to say International students from Ukraine, Russia and surrounding area are extremely distressed about their finances, concerned about their family and friends, but also what will home look like if there is even one to go home to.

Below we have chosen 3 messages of DOZENS we have received from students as to why this is important to them and we want to preface this with the fact that some students just within the Ukrainian Students’ Club we represent have told us that their apartments having been struck by missiles and showed us pictures, but we were unable to share on this platform (so they no longer have a home or financial ressources as a result), some are unable to contact family and the list of tragedy goes on! It breaks our heart to only be able to do so much! So we need your help! We are stronger together!

Sasha’s Story - Please read attentively

“ I am texting you right now to ask for some support and possible assistance! As a Ukrainian international student paying international fees I find it really hard to figure out where to find money for my next semester as my family is in Ukraine unable to work, I am now completing my third year, so I just have two more semester to complete and I was wondering if you might help me getting in touch with a person responsible for the scholarships and financial aids in order to request some potential fee deduction that would really help me to cover my last year of studies? Because otherwise I will have to drop the college and go back to Ukraine which is impossible right now.”

Sasha O’s Story - Please read attentively

“[…] I came to Canada from Ukraine for my study. Hundreds of Ukrainians and I dream about getting our degrees in Canada, contributing to the global society, and sharing our experiences with others.

However, right now it is hard for us to provide ourselves with this opportunity. Because of Russia brutally taking our land and killing our people for eight years now, it is already hard for us to pay for our tuition, and to provide ourselves with essentials for living. But we worked hard and studied a lot, so we can offer a better future to society.

Today I am writing this letter to you because Ukraine is in a war situation. The Russian government decided to attack Ukraine with even more power. I know that I and thousands of Ukrainians here in Canada are hurting because our home is getting ruined. But not only that, we, international Ukrainian students, are put in a position where we are not sure we can pay for tuition next semester, and we are not sure we will have the resources to live. Our families are right now in Ukraine, and the war has made it impossible for them to help us. It is hard for us to be far away from our families when it is that dangerous, and it is really disappointing for us to not be able to provide ourselves with better education and life because of war.

I am kindly asking for help for Ukrainian students because we are threatened by the Russian war. Please consider reducing, cancelling or switching us to domestic students' payment amounts until we know our country and families are safe. Please help us to survive here. All Ukrainians would be insanely thankful if you could help us at least financially.”

Liz’s Story - Please read attentively

“[…] I’ve received […] questions from other students from Russia, who are also in need of financial aid due to frozen bank accounts and our possible cut-off from SWIFT

And on behalf of all russian students right now, please accept my sincere condolences. Russian people stand with you �� we’re all staying with our Ukrainian friends right now for support, everyone’s monitoring the situation.”


It’s important to us to remember that PUTIN STARTED THIS WAR, but EVERYONE is suffering! We need a confirmation that tuition reduction will occur today because we know it’ll take time to have a game plan ready for students by the time tuition fees are due again. 


297 have signed. Let’s get to 500!