Ask Lowe's to continue allowing customers to choose whether or not to mask

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Lowe's is one of the few retailers that currently allow customers to choose whether or not to wear a mask while shopping, as protection against the novel coronavirus. Many respected studies and organizations, including the World Health Organization, have seriously questioned the efficacy of masks in protecting against COVID-19. Even the famous Dr. Fauci said on "60 Minutes" that masks are unnecessary for the average citizen (before he reversed himself). Certainly those who wish to wear masks should be allowed to do so. Yet fear-mongering fascists demand that the entire world follow their own health rules, and anyone or any institution that disobeys must be punished. They have gone to such extremes that they're now literally assaulting and even killing others who aren't "masking." They demand complete conformance.

America was founded on individual liberty. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Many of us still take liberty seriously, and refuse to kowtow to intimidation and give in to fear.

Lowe's has bravely chosen to allow its customers to decide how manage their own lives, including their health. Let Lowe's know that real Americans support their position. And let's support Lowe's with our business as well.