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  I have a home aide who I depend on to keep me healthy and alive.  My aide has had the same low pay for the past 3 years. Raise the pay to $ 15.00 an hour.  People at chipotle make $10 an hour , while most health aides make 8 or 9$.  These aides provide support positions for our moms and dads, grandmas and kids.  Don't our familes deserve more, because of low pay many excellent home health aides leave to find a better job that pays more.  So the remaing home health aides usally are there just to make a check.currently medicade rembusment rate for Is $ 13.88 for companies that hire personal aids, these companies then pay most of there aides $ 8.00 a hour.    The rate was cut from $15.20 in 2013, half of nc aides are paid under $10 a hour.  At this current wage how are we supposed to attract the cream of the crop?   Currently people who have records can be a home aid, due to the low wage who wants to do this job?  Do you want your mom being taken care of by a person who has a record for stealing or assault or theft, that could put her in danger?  Or worse hit her or abuse her verbly, the abusive assistants need to go, and the ones that really care need to be paid a living wage.  The link below is on example of nursing home residents being abused by low paying aides.  If the cream of the crop was there and people were paid $ 15 a hour do you think that people would risk losing there job?  Better care instead of minimum wage for a job that they don't care about.  These people that work there are in charge of life and death of the there clients.  One day we are going to get old and need help.  Do you want these people who don't care taking care of you or your family?

  I just think it is insane that medicade pays so poorly and they think they will save money.  While in the long run it costs more when people being neglected have to go to the hospital and stay in the critical unit, or regular hospital unit.  Most of the staffing companies went belly up in north Carolina  because the pay was and is not competitive.  So what ends up happing to our sick, they get put in homes and not able to live a full independent life, without there aides to help support them.  One day you or your loved ones could be in this position. Lets get proper pay and proper care.

 People who are in need of these aides are sick from disease or old age.  People put there lives in the hands of these aids, and when most aides have to work 70 plus hours a week to survive, its hard for them to pay full attention to there clients."The wages for home care workers are largely a representation of the Medicaid reimbursement rate," says Matt Wolfe, who lobbies for the Association for Home & Hospice Care of NC. "Most home care agencies rely on Medicaid for most or all of their reimbursements.  Nc needs to raise the medicade rate to $18.20, the national rate. Aides do not receive sick care or paid time off, and most are on public benefits, medicade.

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