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#Low Input Lag with AMP Samsung SUHD KS 7 and 8 Series

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With millions of PS4 consoles still having 30fps games, along with millions of Xbox One S and PS4 Pro consoles with unstable frame rate, the owners of Samsung TVs are requesting Samsung address gaming support by adding a low input lag, with Auto Motion Plus on, outside the game mode to the 2016 lineup through a firmware upgrade. Loyal Samsung SUHD owners, who have spent money on their top-of-the-line TVs, request that Samsung address this issue as other competitors, such as LG and Sony, have already addressed this with firmware updates for their TVs. For even the casual gamer, input lag with Auto Motion Plus on is very high in the 113-120ms range. We are requesting Samsung to address this issue, which will allow gamers of all types to experience less blur/flicker effect with low input lag (using Auto Motion Plus) outside the game mode.

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