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The Problem

There has been a lack of female of hygiene product machines on the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus. These female hygiene dispensers are only found in the more popular places on campus, like the Campus Center. What happens when a female student begins her period, and the first bathroom she runs to doesn’t have any female hygiene products available? How far must she walk until she reaches a bathroom that does have one? What if no one around her has a pad or a tampon? We think that female hygiene products should be available in every women’s and gender-neutral restroom on campus. By providing female hygiene dispensers in restrooms all around campus, we can prevent females from leaking and minimize the blood damage on clothing. Female hygiene products are essential in a woman’s life, and if they didn’t have any on them at the time that they begin their period, then having those female hygiene dispensers as a backup will save them. Installing female hygiene dispensers will not only benefit or help women when they have their period, but will also help the school boost moral within their students. 

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