Put a memorial on mothers grave at Trinity cemetery in Aberdeen

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It would appear that in the  1960s and then into the 1970s 1980s social workers for Aberdeen City Council namely Dundee and Aberdeen and Elgin council's did not comply with law in all area's in  relation to my late mother's welfare and that of her children who were all in care.

Mother was killed on the 18th of  August 1976  in Aberdeen by an unknown lorry driver who was not charged with her death.  Mother's remains were placed in a unknown grave in the (children's section) at Trinity cemetery in Aberdeen.  I was not informed of her death as a child  when in care of the

Aberdeen Social Work department.  Over so many years we have tried to get  justice, for our late mother and a memorial is ideal in this regard, and now that the truth is known regarding her past life' we feel strongly that those council's did her many wrongs  we want a memorial to be dedicated to her memory soon. 

Please note mother's third child Alexina Kelbie died in care in Dundee on the 31 August in 1960. My sister was two years old  Alexina sustained head injuries at her foster mother's home in Fintry Road Dundee on the day in question there was many cover up into Alexina's death and no post - mortem was done nor was there a police investigation.

It is right to make sure that victims of crime of the state have memorials mother was 42 years old when she was killed at the Fountain public house on the Great Northern Road in Aberdeen.

There are grave concerns regarding the fact that she was at risk and in danger she was arrested for public disorder offences in Tayside- Aberdeen and in Elgin and despite freedom of information  those councils are refusing to supply information on her life and they are refusing to comply with the law.  

We respectively ask that people share and sign this petition (NOW) so that the Aberdeen City Council give considerations for a memorial to be placed on her grave at the children's section at Trinity Cemetery in Aberdeen. 

Mother was born in Aboyne in Aberdeen on the 18th may 1934 into a well known Traveller  - Gypsy family and accordingly on Thursday the 19th August in 1976 she left Elgin to go to, Aberdeen a lorry driver picked her up in Elgin Moray and he bought her cheap wine and got her intoxicated she was looking forward in seeing us being reunited coming out of care she was a lovely woman if she was in a stable mind however' she was deeply upset and went to Bucksburn in order to visit Brimmond Children's Home.

The lorry driver was parked up at the Embassy Rooms the Police said that she fell from the pavement under the fully - laden lorry they tried to identify her and asked for the public to help them investigate units from B Division of Grampian Police ( Now Police Scotland Aberdeen) were quickly at the scene at the entrance to the now Fountain Public House and said she was intoxicated on the 20th August 1976 the family social worker Margery Urquhart had taken over the case. Sadly she was never to see her babies or children ever again. 

Police Officer Ron Hughes appealed for people to come forward. 

During a very long period, she shared her voice and concerns regarding children in care, and was outspoken at times in public this and the death of (Alexina) and the loss of her husband Alexander Campbell Kelbie on 12th August 1966 and other family deaths, she became deeply depressed in being deprived access to her children. 

She had great faith during those early years in being reunited with her children and was residing at the Belts Elgin from 1966 to 1976 although she was from Aberdeen and lived in the city for many years with her family. 


My many thanks 

Peter  Kelbie 

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