Healthy Food Crisis at LPU

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The students of Lovely Professional University are being indirectly forced to opt for Mess by shutting down the options of healthy food in the campus food courts.

It is not unknown that the quality of the food in the mess/canteen is not up to the mark and doesn't fulfill daily nutrition requirements of a balanced diet.

The mess in-charge compromise with the quality of food to earn larger profits.

  • The dal is more water than dal.
  • Veggies means potatoes only (majorly).
  • Curd which was served consist of 80% water and 20% only is actually curd. 
  • Sambar is comparable to pond water.
  • The food is tasteless and we don't feel like eating it. Many students waste more than half of the food because it's not eatable. 

In such a scenario, shutting down healthy food options available in the food court and allowing only fast food and oily food is an unlawful act. The university states no strong reasons that justify this decision. 

You can't compel students to opt for the mess facilities/canteens for the personal gains of Mess Contractors.

While every food outlet in the food courts is banned from serving thali/chapati/rice, some select outlets like Kitchen Ettee are allowed to continue selling them for a whopping price ₹80 per thali and extort more money from us. 

The university is allowing oily chole bhature and fast food BUT banned healthy foods options like thali/veggies.

Tea and coffee is banned but the acidic aerated soft drinks are allowed.

This is straight up double standards and the students highly condemn it. 

The university is therefore requested to lift the bans on the food courts and encourage healthy competition in food quality for the nourishment of the minds and bodies of the future of the country.

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