Restore Our Courts

Restore Our Courts

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Sylvia Conard started this petition to Loveland Parks and Recreation Commission

… and protect our property values and quality of life.

Recently, neighbors of Osborn Park woke up to find that their tennis courts had been eliminated. Providing no notice and neglecting to get input from its neighbors, the Loveland Parks Department decided to exchange tennis courts for pickleball courts, which are a liability to neighborhoods. They still have not officially notified those affected.


In commandeering our local courts without our consent, they failed in fulfilling their own Master Plan’s most basic guidelines:

  • Neighborhood parks should respond to neighborhood preferences and character
    No communication whatsoever with neighbors - FAIL
  • Consider impacts like noise and traffic
    Despite pickleball’s record of causing great strife in many neighborhoods due to the intense noise it generates, THREATENING PROPERTY VALUES, health, and quality of life, they did not conduct a noise study - FAIL
  • Consider traffic impacts
    Despite expanding to six courts, they conducted no traffic study - FAIL

Local parks should serve the locals. The City of Loveland Park Department should immediately reverse this unacceptable action.



Below is the petition which will be sent to the City of Loveland Parks and Recreation Commission.



Dear Parks & Recreation Commission,

I am writing to petition that the Osborn Park courts be restored to their original purpose, as they should not have been eliminated in the first place.

The Parks Department did not follow their own guidelines, which are plain commonsense, neighborly procedures:

  • It eliminated Osborn Park’s courts without notifying the very neighborhood it serves.
  • It did not seek in any way the input of our neighborhood regarding the configuration of our park.
  • It did not conduct a sound study despite pickleball having caused great strife in many neighborhoods around the country and potentially harming our property values, health, and quality of life due to the intense sound that it generates.
  • It did not conduct a traffic study which would be vital when planning to expand from two to six courts.

It is important that the Parks and Recreation Department respect neighborhood parks as reflecting the character of that neighborhood. It cannot know our neighborhood character as it did not take the time to find out, nor did it engage in the proper investigations to protect our neighborhood.

Therefore, the Osborn Park tennis courts must be restored.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!