The Lovejoy HS NHS application process.

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In high school, many students are offered the opportunity to sign up for either NHS, or NJHS. This is an organization that most high schools and colleges (and their student bodies) hold to a high prestige. However, the rules for acceptance into the program are left to each school. While admirable in concept, this system opens the door to local bias and, at times, inequitable acceptance and rejection results. I believe that this is the case at Lovejoy High School.

I am a 15 year old Sophmore at Lovejoy high School, and I have a 4.075 GPA, and have placed in the 97 percent tile on the SAT with a score of 1160. With grades and test scores like this, I can already obtain admission to many prestigious colleges and universities in the Country. And, yet, I cannot gain acceptance into NHS? Lovejoy High School has set up its NHS acceptance system in a way that students who participate in school sports and social clubs are essentially assured acceptance, but others are rejected.

I compete in the sport of trampoline and tumbling which is NOT a sport or club offered by Lovejoy High School. This gives me the eligibility to take OCPE two periods a day to prefect my craft. As good as it may sound to be dedicated in a competitive sport, Lovejoy High School has made it exceptionally more difficult for students like me to gain acceptance into the NHS who choose to pursue rewarding sports or leadership activities outside of Lovejoy High School. Incredibly, the School’s NHS application process does not even provide an opportunity for my coach’s opinions or input about me to be included, even though he’s my designated teacher for three of my sixteen classes for the past two years.

I know that this seems like a specific change aimed for helping just me. However, my story is just an example of how students who choose to focus on sports and leadership opportunities off-campus are effectively and systematically deprived of the opportunity to gain acceptance into Lovejoy’s NHS chapter.

I submit that some basic changes are needed in order to be fair to EVERY student at Lovejoy High School as follows:

- I propose that each student should have to get the same percent of their total teachers to vote for their character and leadership abilities in order for those votes to count. I propose that a student must get 75% of their total teachers to vote for them in order for those votes to count;

- I propose that those students who participate in OCPE should have the opportunity for their OCPE coach or instructor to have a vote, weighted as necessary depending on the number of OCPE classes taken;

- I propose that students should be permitted to have the opportunity to speak to the teachers and seek to obtain their recommendations. Some teachers will see over 600 kids after two years, how are they supposed to remember half of their names; and

- I propose that the NHS board should weigh the content in the applicant’s resume as well. This means actually taking into account jobs, and leadership positions off-campus, as that is just as indicative, if not more so, of leadership and character quality than on-campus activities.

The point here is that the present Lovejoy High School NHS acceptance and rejection process is fundamentally unfair and basic changes need to be made. If you agree with me, I invite you to electronically sign this Petition, below.

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