Cut out the plastic at Hurricane's Cricket matches, Hobart.

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Christmas Eve, 2018, at the cricket match at Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, marketing materials for the Hobart Hurricanes handed to each of us as we entered included a bandana and a Santa hat - each individually sealed in plastic bags, and blow up plastic tubes.

Over 9000 people attended - so if each person received the unsolicited paraphernalia we did, that is more than 27,000 pieces of plastic - for just one cricket match!

And at the end, much of this was left behind as litter.

We watched some bits of plastic be picked up by the wind and carried away, one plastic bag in the beak of a seagull. I don't want this plastic clogging the sea, harming sea creatures - do you?

Let's support the Hurricanes to be the very best they can be in supporting our environment with their marketing - let them know you want them to stop with plastic wrappers, plastic tubes for noise - surely 9000 people can make enough noise with  their voices, they don't need a plastic tube to express themselves!

Great cricket Hurricanes, now let's make it great for the environment too.