We want color equality in Love Nikki!

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We know that Love Nikki is originally a Chinese game, but we are missing makeups for black skin.

We love the game and appreciate the efforts they are doing for representation, but, unfortunately, it's not enough. Yet. They can make it happen. WE can make it happen. We just have to show them that we really want this.

The perfect solution would be to make every makeup transparent or release a version of them for every skin, but unfortunately, the game already said that this is not possible.

Because of the legal rights, they can't change the sets that came from chinese server, for that happen, we would need help from the chinese players, which is a little bit harder.
But they - US developers - can make their own sets, just like the Hip-Hop Queen.
They could release an event like that once a month, for example. But not for directly purchase, the free players also deserves to use every skin.

That would be extra work, of course. But, talking at least about me, I would be much more excited to spend money in the game to gain all the suits, since I prefer to use dark skins. And I'm pretty sure that lots of other players agree with me. Plus it's something ethically correct to do.
They're are trying to catch up with the original server, and they're doing great. But we prefer to slow down a little bit in order to receive dark skin sets.

The makeup options for dark skin are still very limited (we have only 6, and 2 of them were by purchase).
And consider that I'm not only talking about makeups, I'm talking about poses too.

So, Love Nikki developers, we are carefully asking you to consider this request. That would mean a lot to us. And probably to your budget too.

Representation matters, It's important. Show us you care about us. We want to use every skin, we don't want them gathering dust in the closet.