Re-imagine Dundalk's cycling infrastructure post COVID

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Cities and towns around the world made big changes to address Covid 19. During lock down they saw a dramatic improvement to air quality, noise pollution, and road safety, with more walkers, cyclists and youngsters having the confidence to get out and use the quieter pavements and roads. This along with the ongoing need for social distancing, has also given us new determination to tackle the climate crisis. 

Dundalk Cycling Alliance is proposing a one-way traffic system in the town to address Covid 19 crisis and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7% (see here for UN guidance). In our detailed proposal (click here to view the proposal and see further links below), the one-way traffic system will leave space for one lane of traffic, pavements and one side of the road for cyclists. Parking will also be protected for business in the town centre. A similar approach is already being rolled out in Dublin, Cork and other European towns and cities.  

By removing one carriage way for one-way car traffic and allocating the other carriage way for safe cycling, we will facilitate social distancing and encourage a cycling culture. With less fumes and less noise we will create a more enjoyable experience for people sitting outside cafes and restaurants, which is increasing due to social distancing. We will also encourage shoppers into a more attractive town centre environment.  

Links to proposal: