Calamus Reservoir South Lake Road Needs Repaired

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The Calamus Reservoir is a wonderful place to visit and vacation.  Many people have chosen to make the area around the Calamus their home (or home away from home) and the number is growing every year.  Tourism is a vital part of the area as well.  However, it seems that safety and care of vehicles has taken a back seat for the people who frequent South Lake Road, also known as Calamus Dam Road.

The road is in extreme disrepair.  Tires are at risk every time the road is driven, and driving at the posted speed limit of 40 mph is unsafe.  Vehicles and boat trailers will whip right off the road at that speed.  It has become so bad that people will drive right down the center of the road, which on this tight and winding road is an obvious hazard.  Additionally, the road has not been painted or striped in several years, leaving no passing zones not marked.  Anyone who has driven a boat down this road can attest to the amount of people who will carelessly pass a slow moving pickup and boat trailer despite any turns in the road.  Driving at night is taking your life into your own hands.

Two of the most popular boat docks are located on South Lake Road:  Buckshot Bay and Nunda Shoal, along with several fishing access locations and a tent camp site Hanneman Bayou.  The road is traveled a lot by people using these locations, but a glance to the south will reveal many large, brand new houses and cabins.  These people have chosen to build here because the Calamus is a wonderful place to be-these residents should not have to destroy their vehicle and risk their personal well being to access their own houses and land.

This petition is respectfully asking the Loup County Commissioners, along with whatever associated interested parties (Nebraska Game and Parks, the State of Nebraska Dept. of Roads, etc.) to consider repairing South Lake Road from the intersection of Hwy 96 to the south point of the dam to prevent any further damage to the road itself, and to stop putting lives at risk.

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