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Dear Superintendent Dr.Williams and The Loudoun County School Board,

We the residents of the homes along the North star Blvd in Brambleton, VA come under the walk zone for Madison’s Trust Elementary School, Brambleton Middle School and the future Brambleton High School.

Most of the families in our community are both working parents. So, walking the kids to school is not an option for us. Coordinating the carpool among the parents is also a cumbersome process. We went through a lot of unpleasant, stressful mornings and afternoons this past year. It’s been a nightmare for us to drop and pick the kids back and forth from the Elementary and Middle school. Some of us have kids both in the Elementary and Middle school. Its unimaginable for us to go through the same pain everyday for the next several years.  

The traffic on the carpool lane is horrendous. It takes at least 20-25 minutes to drop a child in the elementary school in the morning and at least 25 minutes to pick them up in the afternoon and you can imagine the situation of the parents who have kids in 2 different schools (Elementary and Middle School).

The intersection on Creighton’s and North Star is very dangerous with cars rushing to drop and pick the kids. We are in the walk zone for all three schools. If we have to go through this burden for 12 years, it will put enormous stress on our families. The number of cars in the car pool lane have increased and will continue to grow as more and more houses are being built in and around the schools. We understand that the walk zone rule applies to everyone in the county, and we agree to be in the walk zone either for the Elementary, Middle or High school but it would be impossible for us to do it for all 3 schools. Also, please note when we bought the house, the schools were not built or even approved to be built in the location and we were not aware of these walk zone restrictions for these schools.

The exposure kids have in the school bus is irreplaceable. When the kids are with their friends they open up and develop considerable amount of social skills in their bus ride though it may be a short one. Being in the walk zone for all 3 schools(ES, MS & HS) our kids will miss all those enjoyable rides on the school bus.

As a fellow tax payer in a community, we feel it is unreasonable for our families to go through the stress and burden of dropping and picking our kids from the school for 13 years.

We kindly request you to consider our painful situation and exempt us from the walk zone policy and offer bus transportation for 2 schools (Elementary/Middle, Elementary/High or Middle/High).


Residents along Northstar Boulevard in Brambleton, VA



Latest Update : As of 9/6/2017 9:15 PM

Email with the link has been sent to all LCPS board members.



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