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Immediately implement the proper wear, use, and operation of bodycams by all law enforcement personnel.

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Nearly two times a week in the United States, a police officer killed a black person during a seven year period ending in 2012, according to statistics reported by the FBI. The numbers appear to show that these killings are not isolated incidents in American policing. 18% of blacks killed during those seven years were under the age of 21, compared to 8.7% of whites.

Technology advances are taking away some of the mystery behind what is and isn't classified as justifiable deadly force by police. Bodycams worn by police officers help to rebuild trust in police from the citizens that they have sworn to serve and protect. The idea behind the bodycams is that the wear and operation of the device will increase transparency in policing tactics, insure fair treatment of all citizens, promote self-accountability of police. 

With regard to the wear and operation of the bodycam, we understand that having the device in record/operational mode at all times may infringe on officers rights to reasonable privacy. We request that body cameras be in recording/operational mode when:
A) Police officers acknowledge dispatch and state that they are responding to a call, through and up until (transfer of care/custody) the time that an alleged suspect is transported and booked/admitted into a jail, hospital, or holding facility, or until the situation that prompted the call to 911 is otherwise neutralized. Start time of recording logged should be no more than 1 minute off of the time dispatch notes police response.
B) Police respond to or happen upon a crime in progress that was not relayed through 911 dispatch.
**Note: Internal review shall be prompted anytime cameras are not placed into an operational/recording mode, but documentation of response, arrest, or deadly force are present.

The results we expect to see from the proper and uniformed use, wear, and operation of body cameras by law enforcement:
*Transparency in the policing of our community.
*Formation of a review board for instances in which body cameras were not activated in accordance with SOP. Review board to be comprised of representation from the office of Public Defenders, 2-3 volunteer citizens, the chief of police, 1 officer from the PIU, and 1 councilman/woman.
*Review of any and all arrests made where the body camera was not activated in accordance with the SOP, and public access to all findings made by the review board.
*Increase in police self-control.
*Promotion of mediation and less force.
*Advocation of fair and just treatment of all suspects in accordance with Due Process.
*Public access to library of recordings derived from the proper wear, use, and operation of body cameras by law enforcement personnel.

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