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LG&E: Improve and Expand Your Solar Share Program

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We applaud LG&E’s continual efforts to introduce renewable energy and to diversify Louisville’s energy sources. However, we feel that their solar program could be improved to better suit the city’s needs and desire for renewable energy. We don’t want to be left behind as our neighboring cities and the rest of the country progress to a more sustainable future - join us in urging that LG&E keep up with the times and improve their solar program. Join us in asking LG&E to be a leader in city-wide solar share programs. Join us in holding LG&E to their claim that they are “dedicated to protecting the environment, while delivering reliable and safe energy to [their] customers.”

Join us in demanding that LG&E make their program affordable for everyone, and that no Louisvillian is left behind as we transition to being a more sustainable city.


Here is more information on LG&E's current program, and the comparison between this program and Berea Solar Farm's solar share program, which has been largely successful in their community.


LG&E’s Solar Share Program Information

From the LG&E website:

·       “Customers will be able to subscribe on a first-come basis to shares of solar in 250 watts, also referred to as quarter-kilowatt increments.

·       You can choose one share or more than one, based on your preference.

·       Each subscription includes an initial, non-refundable subscription fee of $40, as well as a monthly fee of $6.29, per share of solar.

·       Each 250-watt share of solar is currently estimated to produce between 18 and 38 kilowatt-hours of energy per month, depending on factors like weather conditions and time of year. A typical residential household uses approximately 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month.

“The site, along Interstate 64 in the KU service territory near LG&E, is large enough to accommodate a four-megawatt solar field. However, Solar Share will be built in 500-kilowatt sections based on customer interest. Construction will begin once a 500-kilowatt section is 100 percent subscribed. Likewise, construction on the next section and those following will require 100 percent subscription before each section is built.”

Berea Solar Farm, part of Berea Utilities in Berea, KY, has developed a solar share program that is becoming popular with the city’s residents. Each panel, which produced about 25kwh per month, is leased for $750, which covers 25 years of use, and in turn you get solar credits on your bill.

LG&E allows you to buy solar energy in shares of 250watts, or about 28kwh per month. In return for an up-front cost of $40 and a monthly fee of $6.29, you will get credit for using solar energy on your energy bill each month.


Below is a comparison of the LG&E and Berea Utilities Solar Share Programs. The numbers in bold represent the more cost-effective option.

Cost Up Front: $40
Cost per month*: $4.69
Cost per year*: $56.33
Cost per 25 years*: $1,408.20
Total cost over 25 years*: $1,448.20
Cost per kwh: $0.23
% of your total electricity use produced by solar: 2.8%
Years to pay off: N/A

Cost Up Front: $750
Cost per month*: -$3.23
Cost per year*: -$38.75
Cost per 25 years*: -$969.00
Total cost over 25 years*: -$219.00
Cost per kwh: $0.10
% of your total electricity use produced by solar: 2.5%
Years to pay off: 19-23

* Including tax credits for solar energy

·       LG&E gives you $0.042/kwh produced

·       Berea gives you $0.085/kwh produced (using the current estimate of a full credit)

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