Extend LSU's Registration Deadline for 2017 Spring Semester

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Extend LSU's Registration Deadline for 2017 Spring Semester

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Shrey Dalal started this petition to LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY


Just like many before me, I am proud to say that I am a student at the Louisiana State University. The environment, culture, and the beauty of this campus is unmatched to any other university in the world. LSU has so much to offer to its students.

However, not everything is perfect. 

In writing this petition, I am speaking up for my friends, classmates, other wonderful LSU students, their parents, and the community. 

The Problem: 

LSU has become one of the only schools out of the thousands, in this country to ask for tuition for the upcoming semester, before the preceding semester ends.

- If you do not register for the upcoming semester by December 8th, you will be charged a fee of 75 dollars. You do not get purged until after the first week of January, but will accessed the 75 dollar fee. This is completely unfair and unjust to the thousands of students who are working hard in a community that has been affected hard by recent disasters and, a slow-growing economy over the past few years. On top of that, TOPS has been cut recently, and is nowhere near its original levels. 

- In addition, we are all students who are focused on doing well on our finals. For some, it can be difficult and challenging to raise money for college. They should not have to do this, until after Finals week. 

The number 1 reason for student dropout from college is financial stress.

Is this what LSU wants?


1. We hereby request LSU to extend the registration date for next semester until January 10th, without charging a single penny in late fees.

2. We urge LSU to not ask for tuition money before the preceding semester has ended, in the future. 

We are all proud LSU students, and we do not feel that LSU should, and will, ever let us down. 

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This petition had 315 supporters