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Louisiana State Representative Austin Badon and State Senator Gary Smith: Allow single and LGBT people to build families in Louisiana

Two Louisiana legislators are inadvertently making it harder for Louisiana residents to build strong families. We need your help to tell them that they should be standing up for all families instead!

House Bill 433 and Senate Bill 162 are meant to bring legal recognition to contracts for surrogate parenthood in Louisiana for the first time, but the bill does more harm to women and LGBT people than good. A committee of the Louisiana State Law Institute drafted these two pieces of legislation that make it harder for single people and committed same-sex couples who hope to one day become parents to create strong families.

The Louisiana State Law Institute is supposed to be a nonpartisan body that studies legal issues and makes recommendations at the legislature's request. In this case, its process for drafting a bill on surrogate parenthood was hijacked by several of Louisiana's most prominent anti-LGBT crusaders -- Randy Trahan, affiliated with the right-wing hate group Louisiana Family Forum and others were on the committee.

This bill does enact rules to fairly regulate surrogacy arrangements, but it requires that only married couples who each donate a sperm or an egg are eligible to conceive a child with the help of a surrogate to carry the pregnancy -- so no single people, no unmarried couples, no same-sex couples, and no couples in which one or both partners struggles with infertility are eligible to participate! This closes the door to a large number of people who would consider having children with the help of a surrogate and ensures that their families will have no legal protection.

Rep. Badon and Sen. Smith shouldn't be blamed for the Family Forum's latest attempt to marginalize single people women, and LGBT people in Louisiana, but they have a responsibility to ensure that it doesn't succeed. Although Representative Badon has been a friend to women and LGBT people in Louisiana friends warn each other if they're about to make a mistake. Will you join us in asking Rep. Badon and Sen. Smith to withdraw their bill from consideration?

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