Support Women’s right to abortion in Louisiana

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          A lot of buzz around abortion is happening in the media right now. Some, such as New York, are taking an extremely lax approach to abortion making it legal till due date. Others, such as Alabama, are making it illegal in all cases except when a mother’s life is at risk. I don’t believe either of these are just. I do believe women should have the choice to abort though.

           Louisiana is about to pass a “fetal heartbeat” bill banning abortions after 6 weeks, or when a heartbeat is detected. The downside is most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at this stage. We should keep abortion laws in Louisiana as they have stood before and fund Planned Parenthood to provide safe, affordable healthcare and abortions.

            If a loved one was raped or a victim of incest, abortion should be an option. If the mother isn’t financially or emotionally ready, she should have the choice. Whether it be the young girls who were raped, the accidentally pregnant teens, the college students with debt, the career focused women, or whomever can carry a child. They all have a right to decide for their bodies and its abilities. Stand up against those restricting and wanting to ban. Abortion won’t end no matter. It will only become more dangerous if we don’t step up.