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Justice for Larry Mitchell, father of two, loved by many for his humble and kind spirit

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In the November 10,2015 Times Picayune it was reported by the Louisiana Attorney General's Office, that after an abuse of power, Louis Dabdoub Jr., former chief investigator for disgraced 22nd Judicial District Walter Montgomery, was charged with making false statements where Dabdoub falsfied police reports in the arrest of a Convington restaurant operator.

After Dabdoub's arrest the case seemingly disappeared from the public's eye. What the public's interest ? Dabdoub's had previously made false allegations in investigation that led to convictions in the arrest of several others. Unlike the restaurant operator's case, these other cases were against less fortunate people. One such case, State of Louisiana v. Larry Mitchell, 22nd judicial district court Div D, No 451323, Parish of St.Tammany , State of Louisiana.

Mr.Mitchell was alleged to have entered the Kangaroo convenience store on Voter's Road in Slidell. At approximately 7:00 pm., where the clerk briefly left her register to get a drink. The clerk's co-worker became aware that there were two men in the stock room. Because the stock room was off limits to customers, the co-worker walked over to determine why the men were there. When he reached the stock room, he observed two men (one later identified as Larry Mitchell), each filling a trash bag with cartons of cigarettes. The co-worker asked the men what they were doing, but they merely looked up and continued placing the cartons into the bags. Several seconds later, the two men walked outside the store as the clerk followed them.

It was testified that Mitchell and the other man walked outside the store towards a black Infiniti that was backed into the space in front the store. The co-worker, who was now outside the store, grabbed the bag that the defendant carried over his shoulder. Mr.Mitchell was subsequently charged with the crime of armed robbery as if he entered the convenience store with a weapon (handgun) and demanded cigarettes and or money from the clerk.

The clerk provided an affidavit to Mr.Mitchell attesting the fact that all Mitchell did    was stole cigarettes. Interestingly, in the affidavit, Ms.Geary (the clerk) states that she was intimidated by investigator Louis Dabdoub, who insisted that she corroborate the version of the crime as given by fellow employee Jonathan Johnson. Ms.Geary states that she knew the truth to the matter that the men did not posses a weapon at the time. Additionally neither man threatened Ms.Geary or Mr.Johnson while in the store or in the process of their exiting the store. It should be noted that Ms.Geary was a key prosecution witness whose testimony was an important factor in the jury finding Mr.Mitchell guilty of the more serious crime of armed robbery.

To further support these facts Mr.Mitchell found the video from the date and time of the incident to show that neither he nor his co-defendant entered or exited the convenience store with a weapon. Mr.Mitchell's plea fell upon deaf ears and Louis Dabdoub Jr., got away with yet another false swearing allegation even with the presence of the video. 

Mr.Mitchell's complaint is not whether he committed the crime. He acknowledges the fact that he committed theft. His complaint is that there is a BIG difference between theft and armed robbery including the punishment and the fact that he is now treated as a violent offender. 

Had Larry Mitchell been someone with a superior status such as the case of the restaurant operator, in light of these facts, his case would have been included in what was identified by David Caldwell of the Attorney General's Office as an "outgrowth of a larger (investigation) into the abuse of power in the administration of former District Attorney Walter Reed" I'm sure it (the investigation ) uncovered how poor defendant's were overcharged and maliciously prosecuted. 

Larry Mitchell, father of 2, Larryelle Mitchell,20 and Larry Mitchell Jr., 11 has been incarcerated for 9 years. He was sentenced to 45  years in prison for an unfair trial. He have not been able to redeem justice or even get his case back in court. We are seeking justice and asking everyone to read up about his story and support him and his family so that Larry Mitchell can have a fair trial and a lesser sentence with possibility of freedom. Thanks so much


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