Do YOU want to know where your seafood is from in a restaurant?

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Kimberly Chauvin
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Louisiana HB 335 Is about mandating restaurants to label country of origin on their menus, boards and signs with no exemptions. This a health concern for Louisiana citizens and tourists due to the many studies showing the widespread use of illegal substances, bacteria and antibiotics showing up in imported shrimp.
WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF HB 335. Please take the time to contact your House of Representatives to tell them you're in support of HB 335 through a phone call or email. Thank you!
*The Louisiana Restaurant Association opposes Gisclair’s bill. The organization, which sent an email to its members urging them to oppose the bill, declined to comment to | The Times-Picayune.
*80% of shrimp is consumed in restaurants that do not have to label the country of origin. Restaurants are the only ones that do not have label. Shrimp processors have to label, grocery stores and seafood markets have to label, but some restaurants are defrauding the consumer time after time.
*An LSU graduate student found veterinary drug residues in 93% of the imported raised shrimp in that study.

*29,500 people die every year of antibiotic resistance and is projected to kill 1 million people by 2050. This is from a World Health Organization published paper. 
*AMR (antimicrobial resistance) is one of the growing problems posed by drug use in farmed imported shrimp. Many of these antimicrobials also have genotoxic properties, which means they increase the risk of cancer. 
* Did you know that some restaurants use imported and domestic shrimp/crawfish in their establishments? On the menu in some restaurants, one shrimp/crawfish dish is made with domestic product and all the others are made with imported shrimp/crawfish. Why is that?

*U.S. port of entry inspection tests  less than 1% of all seafood imports for illegal drugs. This is a sad statement because it's at the detriment of the American people's health. Louisiana can do better than this and not allow politics to get in the way. 
*Consumer Reports conducted an independent study of imported shrimp to determine the presence of illegal substances. Overall, 60% of the raw shrimp tested positive for bacteria such as E.Coli, listeria, vibrio, staph, and 2% tested for the superbug MRSA.

*This is something that we all need to take serious for our kids, grand kids and ourselves. It’s important to get educated. It’s important to have country of origin listed on ALL restaurant menus as YOUR HEALTH IS AT STAKE.
We are asking for your support of HB 335 to allow the consumer to have a choice!