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At the August 20, 2012, Louisiana Public Service Commission meeting, Commissioner Clyde Holloway proposed drastic changes in Louisiana’s solar energy incentive program. He proposed a $50 monthly fee for every net-metered solar customer. Meanwhile the Louisiana Department of Revenue has proposed that tax credits be scaled back by limiting the number of systems to one that can be claimed for a tax credit.


These new proposals would destroy the progress that the tax incentive has produced. The monthly charges would eliminate the financial benefits for Louisianans to invest in solar energy, and if consumers are unable to purchase multiple systems, energy savings will be decreased. More information can be found on Louisiana Solar Energy Society’s website at



Letter to
Louisiana Public Service Commission and Louisiana Department of Revenue
Your recent proposal to add a $50 monthly fee to solar customers and tax reform proposals will eliminate the incentive to invest in solar energy. For the average solar customer savings range, but a $50 fee would more than eliminate the advantage of using solar technology. Limiting the credit to one system will discourage people from purchasing solar due to the fact that multiple systems are needed to make a significant difference in power. Since the tax credit and net metering systems have been implemented, the number of home solar systems has skyrocketed, and the industry continues to grow every year. This industry keeps utility companies from buying expensive out-of-state power. With these new changes, however, the industry will cease to grow in its early stages.


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