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Unfair Conviction

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I’m am writing on behalf of my 24 year old son, Corderrius (Pooch) Mitchell.  My son trial began on January 11, 2016 and on January 15, 2016 was found guilty of second degree murder and on February 26, 2016 he was given a mandatory life sentence, with hard labor without possibility of parole. He was found guilty of murder based on the Louisiana Felony Murder Doctrine law, which states all participants in that felony can be charged with or found guilty of murder.  My son is a 1st time offender and is now serving life in prison for a crime he did not commit. The justice system is treating him as if he was a murderer. 5 years ago on December 16, 2011 Corderrius and a group of friends decided to go joy ride, and to take one of the guys by his girlfriend house, During the ride another friend called to be picked up totaling 5 friends including my son, who was the driver.  One of the guys received a phone call that had to go meet someone.  Corderrius drove his friend to meet this person. They parked and walked to meet this person; except the 1 friend that allegedly stayed in the car. During the visit things went bad, resulting in that person being killed. My son and 3 of the friends were arrested for this crime. The guy decided to stay in the car decided to be the witness to this crime. During his testimony, stated he didn’t get out of the car because he didn’t have any protection, but neither did Corderrius. This case was full of circumstantial weak evidence and hearsay. There is no weapon, no DNA for Corderrius and a non-creditable witness that could not make up his mind about what he saw or heard. In my opinion the state witness was co-hearsed as to what to say by the DA. He showed up to testify on two occasions with 2 different stories as to what he saw, heard and his involvement. There were allegedly 5 individuals involved, the witness being one of the 5…yet he has never been charged and remains free as of today, but states he was never over a deal by the DA. Corderrius was the first to be trialed; the remaining others are awaiting trial and will be trialed together.  My question is why wasn’t everyone trialed together? Another witness that was a friend of the deceased flew back to Honduras in a rush, he was never questioned, and there was no attempt to find him. There were several different types of cars seen leaving the area that night a black dodge and green expedition, but those leads were never followed up on. There were about 30 people running and leaving that area the night of the crime.  Several callers reported hearing 2 shots, some recall hearing 6 shots. No one could identify anyone. The DA flew a DNA specialist from Philadelphia and paid him $5,000.00 to test for DNA, found none linking Corderrius to the crime, but couldn’t find the eye witness that fled back to Honduras, after all the testimony was complete. The Judge asked the jury to return on Saturday January 16th 2016 to deliberate and render their verdict. One juror couldn’t come return back on Saturday, because she had to babysit her 6 grandkids and her handicapped brother. The judge then told the jurors that if they took too long to deliberate  that he would declare it a mistrial, it was Friday around  5:15 pm when the jury went back to deliberate , returned in less than 30 minutes later and found him guilty of second degree murder. How can you rush someone to make a decision when someone’s life is involved? They offered Corderrius a plea of manslaughter for 25 years, Ok plea on a crime you didn’t do???? I have actual seen rapist and murderers get a lesser harsh sentence than my son.  I feel the justice system is corrupted and they have made an example of my son and didn’t care about his young life. His lawyer didn’t represent him competently, due to his affiliation with the court system. I want fair justice for Corderrius and for his case to be reviewed by the Louisiana State Supreme Court and by a lawyer that doesn’t have an affiliation with the judicial court in Baton Rouge. He deserves a fair trial with an attorney that will fight for him as a human being and not just a case number . Everyone that knows Corderrius (Pooch) Mitchell knows his character and knows that he doesn’t deserve this type of punishment. He is not a Murderer. Is it justifiable to take a life for a life? Where is this Godliness and Justice in this sending an innocent man to jail for a crime he did not do and for the rest of his life?  I’m writing seeking help from a higher power, in my eyesight and the Lord I serve, God is the only Judge.  Help me fight for Justice for my son, my family and your friend to get this RIDICULOUS & HEINOUS CONVICTION OVERTURNED!!!!!    

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