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Petitioning Superintendent of Education John White and 11 others

Reverse the decision to close Istrouma High!

Istrouma Senior High School which was founded in 1917 was recently taken over by the Louisiana Department of Education Recovery School District. After one year in the R.S.D. the decision was made to close the school. This school which is now predominantly African American was one of the first schools in East Baton Rouge Parish to be integrated by the school board. Istrouma High School which has produced elected officials, NFL players, countless teachers, doctors, and lawyer’s is now being thrown away like yesterdays garbage. The campus which stands as a living legacy of social improvement, growth, and excellence is being shut down after one year of poor performance in the RSD. Please stand with us against this injustice. Sign the petition to give Istrouma High more time to grow and improve!

Letter to
Superintendent of Education John White
Superintendent of RSD Patrick Dobard
Asst. Superintendent of RSD Vera Triplett
and 9 others
Legislative Asst. Twahna Harris
Council member C.Denise Marcelle
Mayor Mayor Kip Holden
2nd BESE District Ms. Kira Orange Jones
WAFB Michelle McCalope
WBRZ Mr. Pittman
Times-Picayune & Diana Samuels
EBRP Superintendent Bernard Taylor
State Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith
Reverse the decision to close Istrouma High!