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Obey the Laws set in place by your predecessors

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In the Event that both parents are considered equal, should the legal system allow one parent to relocate a child/children over 2 hours away from the other parent without allowing that parent to object?

On April 18, 2012 this happened to me. While at work, my now ex-wife and her parents abducted my child and moved him 143 miles away. I immediately petitioned the court to have him brought back to the Parish she and I resided in. The courts denied my petition. 

The law clearly states that in the event of a relocation the parent has the right to object to the relocation. I was told I did not have that right.

Art. 216. Parental authority.

"A child remains under the authority of his father and mother until his majority or emancipation.

In case of difference between the parents, the authority of the father prevails."


I was advised by both the Judge in our custody hearing as well as the 3rd circuit courts of Louisiana that the court ruled that "Article 216 did not give Mr Bridges the right to object to the relocation within 150 miles This issue was taken up on writs which were denied by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals."


Relocation laws were changed in August of 2012 from 150 miles to 75 miles but Grandfathered my case in stating that it is still ok to move my son 143 miles away from me even though they themselves changed the law.

What they are telling me is as a parent I do not have the right to say I do not want my son to live in a different parish/county than me. So his future baseball games, karate practice, etc. I'm not wanted there by my son. They are saying BOTH parents aren't required to be a major part of his life, just the mother.

I feel a child needs both parents, and allowing one parent to pack up and move the child over 2 hours away from the other parent should NOT be allowed. Male or female.

I am working on my appeal to the Supreme Court of Louisiana and your signature supporting the family ideals as well as the laws in place being used are very important to not only my case, but future cases.

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