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Change Dog Licensing in NZ nationwide to License the Owner not the Dog

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This for us started because of all the dog on dog attacks we have suffered in the last 3 years. 

Jono last year lost his guide dog Gregan because it was attacked 3 times in 2 years. First attack was a German Shepard who broke off his light chain and charged at Gregan scaring the hell out if him

Second attach was more serious where 2 English Bull Dogs came odd the property and grabbed Gregan one on either end of him. Biting him all over. Fortunately not resulting in major damage physically. But mentally made Gregan very frightened of dogs. 

Third time was a dog the jumped a 5 foot fence to get at Gregan. The owner was right there and caught the dog and threw it back over the fence. But now Gregan knew he was not safe if a dog was behind a fence. Previously he through he was ok if they were behind a large wooden fence

On top of this our other dog has been attacked on 2 different occasions  by 2 different staffys. I no longer take my dogs for walks on the street. I drive to the park instead.

But with all three incidents the owners were right there at the scene, the dogs were out of control. The first 3 dogs were known out of control dogs. But the councils couldn't or wouldn't do anything. 

So what we want changed?

The owners should be given a licence to own dogs. If your dog is caught roaming, dog on dog attacks, attacks someone's pet, bites a person etc the person should get demerit points the same as your drivers license. 

Once you loose x amount of points you can no longer own a dog. Be tough on it, no leniency. And if you don't hold a license to own a dog and you have a dog... you should have 2 weeks to get a license or your dog is removed and re-homed. 

It's crap owners that make dangerous dogs. It's crap owners that let their dogs roam the streets, don't train their dogs and have them under control. 

Help us to make our streets safe to take our own dogs for a walk. Make it safe for assist dog to work. Make the owners responsible for their own dogs. 

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