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As graduation is rolling around the corner, The Louis Riel School Divison has decided to host graduation in June between June 23-26 2020. This means that Convocation will be done in several small groups. A maximum of 6 graduates and 3 guests per graduate will be allowed to attend. This means close family that wanted to see their brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandchildren, etc., will not be able to attend due to the limit of 3 guests. On the other hand, Graduates will possibly not graduate with their friends either. Graduates also want the same feeling of walking across the stage and seeing their friends and family cheering them on while they get their diplomas and awards. Graduates also want to graduate with more than 6 of their friends as it is the day we have all been waiting for. Convocation should not be rushed as there is until August for all the events. We all wish for other graduation events such as the dinner, the grad parties, and safe grad. So rather than rushing through, it should be planned out thoughtfully or take other considerations such as postponing it till July or August and have a PROPER FORMAL ONCE IN A LIFETIME GRADUATION OPPORTUNITY. 

Most students have decided on not registering if there is a limit of 3 people as that would mean some of their family members would have to sit at home and would be missing their loved one's special event. There have been many comments on this topic as many students have bigger families; i e. Siblings etc. An OUTSIDE graduation ceremony at a recreational park like Assiniboine or st vital or a school football field would be more appropriate as social distancing can be easily followed. The province health officials have lowered the restrictions to 50 people outside and the later phases will be lifting more restrictions and allowing gatherings of larger crowds by the end of July or August. Students hope that administrators understand the pros of delaying the graduation event until further notice. Parents have also shown concerns and recommended an outdoor ceremony instead.

We the students request that all future decisions related to graduation are told to the parents and students beforehand and prior to finalizing. The parents and students would like to work together with officials to create safe, healthy, and fun events that abide by health regulations. We ask that all future options are sent out to parents/students as we would like to choose between them and select a way that would ensure a memorable event. Voting should take place in which the option with the most votes is finalized.

The graduating class of 2020 hopes the administration understands the feelings of its students and will aim to better celebrate the achievements and success along with their peers and family even if its postponing events such as graduation.