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Let Antioch Seniors Decorate Their Grad Caps

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It's the end of an era for our AHS seniors and we are one step away from facing reality. Since it's our last year, we want to make an expression of who we are. We want to establish the diversity throughout campus and exemplify what it's like to have Panther Pride, but how can we allow ourselves to do so when the ability to decorate our graduation caps is forbidden?

We are told to always be ourselves, speak freely, and have a voice. But why shut down students who've attempted to make this change? Why defeat the purpose of having a voice when it's not being heard? 

Aja Villacres, an alumni from Ellensburg High School, attempted to make a written petition as well. Villacres had to say this about his petition experience, "Most of the students who said ‘no’ tell me that they are scared some people will write profanity or decorate it in an ugly fashion,” This is a worrisome issue for those who believe that some students could misuse their privilege and represent the school in a way it's not known for. 

Although, that problem can be avoided. If the school can assign a group of faculty to check each decorated cap a few weeks before graduation, it would load off the stress during the preperation of the ceremony practices.

In the Antioch Unified School District, there's only one school that is eligible to decorate their grad caps: Dozier-Libbey Medical High School. We are all graduating seniors going on our seperate ways, what makes our school any different? 

"Being stripped away from their freedom of expression and their true selves by not adding such a simple personal touch takes away from each student and what they've done in their own paths to get where they are," stated from Chelsea Abillano, former ASB President of Antioch High.  

Decorating a cap may seem like a overhyped thing to do, but in the eyes of a student it adds a whole different personal level to a day full of celebration. Students who graduated from Antioch High always remember to carry their pride wherever they go. For it has taught them to always be proud of who they are as a Panther.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge this petition, please share this with everyone and help give us this opportunity of change!

#Caps4AHS #Caps4AUSD

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