Partially Refund Loughborough University Tuition Fees

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Due to the impact of COVID-19 this semester, Loughborough University introduced a series of restrictions in an aim to reduce the spread of the virus across the student population. Such measures include the reduction of in-person lectures and implementing remote online and on demand lectures. While we applaud Loughborough University’s efforts for putting student health and safety as their main priority, we are calling for Loughborough University to consider the impact on the level of tuition and partially refund the tuition fees paid by students. 

Following the introduction of a second UK National Lockdown this academic year, this petition is asking Loughborough University to take into account these extraordinary and unprecedented conditions and the negative impact on the quality of learning, with refunding affected students a fair proportion of the tuition fees paid. Despite the introduction of online alternatives, students across the university no longer receive value for money and cannot justify paying the full tuition fee because of the university’s failure to provide an adequate learning environment.

Online lectures have made it difficult for students to fully engage with our learning because whether we’re living in university accommodation, private housing or at home, trying to learn remotely in such places is not a satisfactory substitute for a lecture theatre. As exams are now to be taken remotely, outside the silence of the exam hall, we are forced to sit assessments in an environment that will not allow us to demonstrate our full potential and fear the potential impact this has on the grades we continue to work so hard for.

On-demand course modules have failed to provide students with further assistance and insight into our learning, denying us the ability to ask the lecturer questions about complex theory or debate topics amongst our peers in real time. Many students have been negatively impacted by mental or physical illness over the course of the semester and the continuous uncertainty and changes surrounding our access to valuable in-person learning and campus facilities such as study areas and gyms, has heightened our worry in already anxious times. 

Ultimately, UK/EU students are paying £9,250 and International students paying up to £24,650 for a below average level of tuition and absence of the many academic and extracurricular activities that complete the university experience. It is only fair that we are compensated for the high level of tuition that we agreed to pay for, but didn’t receive. 

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