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Access to Equal Education Regardless of your Zip Code - Loudoun County, VA

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Despite significant strides in recent years there remain 6 elementary schools in Loudoun County without even one classroom for full day kindergarten. 

Half day kindergarten shortchanges our students by 540 instructional hours per year and is a disservice to the youngest students in Loudoun County.  The recently adopted "Pathway to Universal FDK" plan addresses obstacles and provides proposals such as additions and trailers.  All of which require expedited funding on behalf of Loudoun County's Board of Supervisors.

This coming year, 49 of the county's 55 elementary schools will offer at least one full-day kindergarten class and 39 will offer a full school day to every one of its kindergartners.

However, these schools have either lost their full day kindergarten classrooms or have none:  ARCOLA, BUFFALO TRAIL, HILLSIDE, LEGACY, LIBERTY AND LUCKETTS.

Loudoun County School Board - Take us Forward not Backward.  Removing FDK classrooms from these schools and/or not providing at least one classroom needs to change.  Research has found FDK provides significant ROI for children with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, and English Second language students.  Every school in Loudoun County should be equipped to provide at least one classroom of full day kindergarten to serve the needs of our students.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - Please fund requests from the School Board to ensure Access to Equal Education Regardless of your Zip Code.  Approved expedited funding for school additions, trailer placements, etc.


  • Accelerate construction of a new elementary school in Dulles North, once a site is secured.  This will help relieve overcrowding at Hillside, Mill Run and Moorefield station, potentially allowing capacity for FDK.
  • Accelerate construction of a second new elementary school in Dulles North to provide relief to Creighton's Corner and Madison's Trust.  Providing relief from the south for overcrowded schools.
  • Reserve the three-classroom constructions at Legacy and Rosa Lee Carter that are already underway for expansion of FDK.
  • Explore strategic rezoning at schools with an adjacent school with capacity in order to expand FDK.
  • Explore further classroom expansions and/or use of trailers in schools that will not gain relief through new construction or strategic rezonings. 

Bring us Forward. 

Loudoun for Full Day Kindergarten

Why FDK?

•More time for reading, math, social studies, science, art, music and creative classes with higher achievement test scores in all areas tested except handwriting; reading tests in grades one, two, and three and a battery of standardized tests in grades three, five, and seven*

•68% of full day kindergarten classes spent more than one hour per day on reading instruction, compared to 37% of half day. Children’s knowledge of early literacy concepts increased during FDK improving students’ reading achievement for the next 4 years.  *****

•Full day kindergarteners are more than twice as likely to reach grade levels without repeating a grade.  Calculated savings of $2M for every 1000.***

•FDK students who were significantly younger than the half day kindergarten peers, scored significantly higher than their counterparts****

•A study of over 400 8th graders found FDK had higher achievement scores throughout school compared to half-day kindergarten*

•Children who attend full-day kindergarten have higher report card academic marks in both primary and middle school years*

Why every school should have at LEAST one FDK classroom?

•The “on time” and “anytime” graduation rates for LCPS students with Limited English Proficiency have run below the state average for a number of years
•Research has found FDK to provide benefits for students with limited English proficiency wrt closing the achievement gap
•FDK has been proven to improve early reading performance and tied to results in 3rd grade reading.  Early reading ability relates to future educational success.  3rd grade reading level has been shown to be a predictor of graduation and college attendance.  

  • *Lee, Burkahm, Honigman, Miesels, 2002 & Evansville-Vanderburg School Corporation, studies 1978 through 1983
  • **Martinez & Snider, 2001; Elicker & Mathur, 1997; Hough & Bryde, 1996
  • ***Viadero, 2002
  • ****Westside Community Schools, Nebraska
  • *****Phillips & Mason, 1996; Puelo, 1988; National Center for Education Statistics, 1998-99

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