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Stop Aggressive Driving in Loudoun and Fauquier!

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The aggressive and reckless driving problem in Loudoun and Fauquier counties has to stop. People commute through small towns, such as Middleburg and Aldie, always in a hurry. These communities are being put in danger as reckless drivers fly through in a hurry. We recently lost a wonderful and amazing person who was such a beloved member of the community due to reckless driving right outside of Middleburg. The reason:  someone was trying to pass multiple cars on a double yellow line…and for what?!?! Once you get into Middleburg you have to resume 25 MPH. People are tragically and senselessly killed in these types of collisions all of time and it needs to stop! Route 15 is another big offender; I personally have almost been hit head-on multiple times because people are trying to pass multiple cars, swerving back over at the last possible moment. I know I am not the only one with this experience. And what does that really get them?! Arriving 5 minutes earlier to their destination??? It is truly sickening. Losing those we love to reckless behavior absolutely needs to end. 

While I am aware that speed traps are necessary and do crack down on offenders, let’s start deploying resources to target aggressive and reckless drivers putting others in harm’s way and death. Let’s get cameras out there to capture these incidents and document plates and vehicle descriptions. I know both counties have numbers to call for reporting these instances. Let's get some signage on the roads with these numbers and warnings for the offenders. Let’s get these people heavily fined with charges filed or even locked up. It is hard enough to lose someone you love…but to have it happen because someone took reckless action with no care for those around them is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. 

I am sure that these counties and communities will all be in support of signing this petition and doing something to make a change! We can talk about it forever…but let’s put it into action, see the change we are seeking, and give our neighbors some peace of mind.


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