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Message to Loudoun County School Board Members:

Thank you for your service to Loudoun County. As a School Board Member, we know that you are the tireless voice for the residents in your districts and for many others throughout our county.

Today, we ask you to be our voice.

As you review the hearing officer’s report this weekend, we ask that you remember the almost 500 students, parents, and teachers who have come to speak to you since December. We ask that you remember the 3,000 people who signed and the 1,200 comments offered in the petition to return Dr. Brewer to Dominion. Most importantly as you review the information before you, we hope that you are able to reach a clear understanding about the process that led to the three months of disarray in our community. We respectfully ask that you reinstate Dr. Brewer as Principal of Dominion High School.

Thank for your patience and the many hours you have devoted to our situation listening to our stories and pleas and the hours you will likely spend reviewing the hearing report and documents this weekend.

Thank you for being our voice.
UPDATE: The hearing process has concluded and the decision now moves forward to the School Board for a decision.  Our last possible chance to make our voices heard is at tomorrow night's (Feb. 28) school board meeting - 6:30 pm - 21000 Education Court, Ashburn.  It has been three months since this process started. The end is near and we must finish strong in our fight to return Dr. Brewer to Dominion High School as Principal.  To sign-up to speak please contact the school board: 571-252-1020 or e-mail the


Our Titan Community continues to rally around Principal Dr. John Brewer with events at the school and an amazing show of support at last Tuesday's School Board meeting. An estimated 800 came out, including one person who flew in from California to speak for 60 seconds and a couple who drove down from New York to speak about how they have modeled some of their practices based on Dr. Brewer's approach. Many were turned away by the Fire Marshall. Close to 200 spoke in support of DHS and Dr. Brewer. All of the area media outlets featured coverage, helping to create expanded awareness! To date, more than $23,000 has been raised through the GoFundMe campaign to ensure Dr. Brewer has the financial means to continue his appeal. Help us keep the pressure on to reinstate Dr. Brewer! #BringBackBrewer
UPDATE: It appears that Loudoun County Public Schools has recommended TERMINATION of Dr. Brewer as Principal of Dominion High School.  As parents and Loudoun County taxpayers we request better communication and full transparency on this matter from our elected officials and school administrators. If Dr. Brewer is terminated this decision will have a significant impact on our children and on our community. For this reason, we will continue to fight for Dr. Brewer's reinstatement and full disclosure about the facts surrounding this case. We would like to know the following: 1) Why is LCPS recommending Dr. Brewer's termination as DHS Principal? 2) What were the alleged LCPS policy violations? 3) Is this action commensurate with any alleged violations? 4) What is the process for acting on this recommendation and reinstatement of Dr. Brewer?


Dr. Brewer was placed on leave on or about December 3, 2016 without any explanation to the school community.  This action by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) appears to be related to employment issues surrounding a former employee at Dominion High School. Given the sensitive nature of this issue, we do not request specific information surrounding this decision but we do support Dr. Brewer's integrity, character and commitment to the Dominion High School community.  Please make sure Dr. Brewer is not treated as a scapegoat in this situation and returns as our Principal as soon as possible before the Christmas holiday.

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