Let Trans Women Use The Woman’s Bathroom

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During the span of President Obama’s two terms in office, Obama put in place executive orders that protected the rights of transgender people, allowing them to use bathrooms of their gender identity.  With the election of Trump and his executive orders revoking those of Obama’s, school boards, like Loudoun County’s, have taken advantage to prohibit transgender people from using the bathrooms of their experienced gender.

Some people may be concerned letting transgender people use the bathroom of the gender they identify with due to believing in the fallacy that transgender people will take advantage of being able to prey on others.  A reason people may believe this is that they are not educated on the topic, not knowing facts, like how not one transgender individual has been convicted for preying on someone else in the bathroom.  In fact, making transgender people use the bathroom corresponding with their sex can cause more harm than good, putting them at risk by allowing others to prey on them; on average, over fifty percent of transgender individuals are raped at one point of their life due to their gender identity.

This petition is to bring awareness to Loudoun County’s school board to let them know that most people, especially those in this generation of teenagers, disagree with their bathroom policy in regards to transgender individuals.  

Sign this petition to tell the Loundoun County school board that they are wrong in their views towards those who don’t conform with traditional gender roles and that the time to change their policy is now, change that will eventually happen with or without them.

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