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A New Policy for the Better of the Mental Health of Students in LCPS

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Briefly, I will explain why everyone should back my new idea to help students with mental health disorders caused by stress. I would like the Loudoun County Public School System to consider making Guidance Counselor meetings with parents and students a new constant, starting from elementary school through high school. I believe this would be a good idea because of how students view positive behavior programs in public schools right now. Really, a lot of students do not want to pursue therapy, at school or at home. Why? They may be embarrassed to admit they have problems to others, because they are scared of being judged. While there are measures for optional guidance help, I think that LCPS should take a more forward approach and make meetings between students and a counselor mandatory from elementary to high school. After speaking with guidance counselors at my own school, I have found that it seems entirely possible to implement this plan. Currently, the plan for the 2017-2018 school year is to move the high school bell schedule from starting at 9 AM to 9:15 and ending at 3:48 to 4:03. If possible, LCPS can add another slot of time to the end of the day where students have time to meet their counselors in private for 10 minutes. If kids know that everyone is meeting with their counselors, as they get older, and through high school, if they develop mental health illnesses, instead of being scared of judgement, students will already have been meeting their counselors throughout their elementary and middle school careers. Now, more than ever, students are suffering and struggling with mental illness. By adding a little more time, and increasing the staff of the guidance counseling team, students can be helped proactively. By making meetings obligatory, students will no longer feel the fear of being judged, will always have time to talk to someone, and will always have someone that they can talk to.

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