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Name a school after Mathias Giordano to raise awareness for pediatric cancer

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Before my son passed away, he was determined to raise awareness and get more funding for the treatment of pediatric cancer. Your signature could help continue his mission.

Our son Mathias never had a chance to be a normal kid. When he was 11-years-old, Mathias was diagnosed with bone cancer. He turned the diagnosis into a mission: raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer. Through his hard work, Mathias successfully got Virginia to create a Cure Childhood Cancer license plate. The move has sparked other states to follow with their own pediatric cancer awareness license plates.

Mathias also loved school and was determined not to let cancer slow him down. He picked up honors classes and continued to excel academically. Mathias did all of this going through 29 months of treatment, 3 lung surgeries, and a leg amputation. My son was unbelievably strong and an inspiration to all who met him. I want to honor his memory by combining his love of school and desire to make sure families facing pediatric cancer didn’t have to fight alone.

Please join me in asking Loudoun County School Board to name 1 of their 2 new schools after Mathias Giordano. The honor would make his dream come true of a lasting legacy in raising awareness about pediatric cancer.

Our schools often bear the names of famous heroes. It is a way to honor those who contribute to society and to inspire the next generation of leaders. I think it is time we recognize the everyday heroes. They are the people who inspire us to be better than we thought we could be, help us find the strength to get through the day, and push us to reach for our dreams. They are people like Mathias who was thinking about how to help others while fighting for his own life.

Mathias passed away on December 7th 20014. He will be forever 13-years-old. The moment Mathias left our world I remember seeing a beautiful sunset out the window; a beautiful exit for a beautiful soul. I want his memory to live on in a way that would have made him happy and keeps his mission alive. Naming one of the 2 new schools in Loudoun County after Mathias is the perfect way to do just that.

Please help me be sure Mathias’s mission lives on. Please sign our petition asking Loudoun County School Board to name 1 of the 2 new schools after Mathias Giordano.

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Today: Roya is counting on you

Roya Giordano needs your help with “Loudoun County Public School Board, Naming Commitee: Petitioning to name either MS-9 or ES-27 after Mathias W. Giordano this coming spring at the naming committee meeting.”. Join Roya and 7,637 supporters today.