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LCPS Must Plan For the Implementation of Full Day Kindergarten

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It is time to make the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) a priority in Loudoun County. Loudoun is the only county in the state of Virginia without the majority of students in a full day. Specifically, all counties immediately surrounding Loudoun have reviewed the benefits, planned for and successfully implemented full-day kindergarten programs to the benefit of the children of this state.

Loudoun taxpayer dollars currently fund an FDK program for the rest of the state; however, its students do not receive the educational opportunities those taxdollars are funding. Our FDK dollars are being spent elsewhere.

Full-day kindergarten offers endless benefits for Loudoun County’s children. Children who have attended a full-day kindergarten program score higher on achievement tests throughout the rest of their primary education. They have less stress because they can take their time learning the necessary skills to move into 1st grade, and transition more easily into 1st grade, as a result.

Parents and teachers in Loudoun County will also benefit from a full-day kindergarten program. Parents are able to more easily schedule afterschool care for their kindergarteners and will allow many to not carry the financial burden of childcare costs associated with half-day programs. Teachers will have more time to interact with students and give them individualized attention in a full-day program.

A full-day kindergarten program for all kindergarten students in the county will provide long-lasting benefits for all residents of Loudoun County. As such, we, the undersigned, propose that the leaders of the education system for Loudoun County create a budgetary and logistical plan for the implementation of full-day kindergarten program, and that this plan be implemented county-wide as aggressively as it can given other complex issues associated with continual growth in our public school system. Loudoun students deserve the same strong start to their education as students in the rest of the commonwealth.

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