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"Changing Lives and Building Futures, It's More Than A Show."

45% of our students in Loudoun County Public Schools participate in fine and performing arts classes, and yet the total budget for FY22 was only $2.2 million dollars. That is 0.11% of the total operating budget. And yet, we know that the performing arts provide critical support structures to our students and teach them the following 21st-century global citizen skills: Innovation, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Teamwork, Public Speaking, Confidence, Grit, Perseverance, Determination, Focus, Non-Verbal Communication, Listening, Empathy and so many more. 


Student Definition – 1 Student who participates for the year
Participant Definition – 1 Student who participates in a given activity

After years of accepting that the fine and performing arts are woefully underfunded, it is time to take the first steps in providing the best performing arts education in the country for our children of Loudoun. 

By signing this petition, you are asking the School Board to KEEP THE $2.4 PLACEMENT FOR ARTS FUNDING in the reconciled budget for FY23.

Fund the Extra-Curricular Performing Arts programs staffing at $2.4 million of the total operating budget. By using internal equity metrics, and comparing the extra-curricular program to athletics and extracurricular activities, performing arts teachers from around the county determined the following: 

  • Theatre Teachers, on average, work 1200 hours beyond the contract, this works out to be roughly $5 an hour. 
  • In FY 23 Football will receive $40,480 in coaching stipends roughly $404.80 per football player. This is an increase of $11.60 per pupil. 
  • In FY23 Running Coaches can make $15,000+ as head coach for coaching three seasons. 
  • In FY23 Theatre, will receive only $12,876 for the entire year at roughly $22.20 per participant. This is an increase of only $2.30 per participant from FY22. 

Performing Arts teachers are NOT suggesting that our Athletic Colleagues don't deserve the support they receive. In fact, we believe they DESERVE MORE! However, we also believe that the performing arts provide critical opportunities for a large portion of our student body, and it is time for the wealthiest county in America to be a leader in the country and FULLY FUND THE ARTS. 

The data for Loudoun County High School Theatre Programs:

Fall Show:  

Total Participants - 1120
Average School Participation – 94

Winter Show:

Total Participants – 853
Average School Participation – 77

Spring Show:

Total Participants – 1476
Average School Participants – 140

Shows 4 – 8:

Total Participants – 822
Average School Participants – 48

All Other Activities:

Total Participants – 3,999

TOTAL # OF PARTICIPANTS (W/only 5 middle schools responding): 9,728 (Theatre)


For the performing arts to be treated equitably with athletics.

STEP 1: Break up the year into three seasons, and provide critical staffing positions for the safety of our students. By doing this, you acknowledge that each theatre production should be funded separately since it is not tied to a class.  

STEP 2: Provide support for all performing arts teachers at all Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, including music, theatre, and art.

STEP 3: Provide Comparable Stipends with our athletic colleagues by using internal equity.

THE ASK: KEEP the $2.4 Million Dollar line item in the FY23 Budget for  Performing Arts Programs Stipends. 

We aren't just advocating for Theatre, although that is a critical first step. We are also advocating for Marching Band, Indoor Drum-line, Indoor Guard, Orchestra, Guitar, and Choir. We know this doesn't go far enough, but it is a start!


Reach out to your school board representative to ask them to KEEP THE ARTS FUNDING LINE ITEM IN FY23 BUDGET using THIS LINK.  Using the link will provide internal tracking metrics to board members when they go to make their vote. 

I am a constituent in your district, and I fully support funding the performing arts at $2.4 million or 00.1% of the total operating budget. Be courageous and bold, and take definitive action to support our students, and teachers. You will change lives forever by supporting the full funding request. Be sure to also IDENTIFY the positions that need to be filled, provided by the office of teaching and learning, in order to protect the funding!


Sign this petition! Help us elevate our voices and sign the petition today. Share it with the community at large!


We truly believe in a school system that fully funds the arts. This is only the first step in our advocacy initiatives. Provide critical staffing and support so that our programs can continue to reach our incredible students. We know this only addresses High Schools. We hope to be able to continue this work for Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools in the FY24 budget cycle. We know this only scratches the surface with performing arts stipends, but we believe this first step will open critical doors to fully funding the arts so that students and parents can receive the best performing arts education in the country. Your children deserve this!


TO SEE THE DATA go here:


"It doesn't matter if you do the arts for the rest of your life, it matters that you've done the arts for the rest of your life"


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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