Watson Road, Stop Speeding Cut Through Traffic and Commercial Trucks

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Watson Road is plagued by speeders and commercial trucks.  The problem is cut through traffic, not the residents. Watson Road is unsafe due to commercial truck traffic and speeders. Every single time residents pull out from our driveways we risk being sideswiped by a truck or a speeder.  It is no longer safe to visit our mailboxes due to risk of being hit by inconsiderate speeders.  As well, cut through traffic noise is deafening.  There is no quiet time, ever.  We can not enjoy the outdoors due to the constant roar of traffic.

NO THROUGH TRUCKS  Watson Road is unsuitable for its present use by commercial trucks day and night.   Its geometry, provides many dangerous blind sharp horizontal and steep vertical curves.   These blind curves create dozens of potential accident sites.  Through trucks should be altogether banned from Watson Road.

CUT THROUGH SPEEDERS   Speeding commuters and commercial truck traffic are a hazard to residents, The Watson Road community, has 100 older driveway entrances that do not meet minimum VDOT standards for sight distance (the minimum length of roadway visible to safely enter the road at the posted speed limit, 45 mph).  Lowering the speed limit of Watson Road to safer speeds, pursuant to VDOT traffic safety study makes it possible for residents to safely enter the road from their driveways. 

NOISE POLLUTION   Road noise is affected significantly by vehicle speeds, since sound energy roughly doubles for each 10 mph.  The posted speed limit is 45 mph, so lowering the speed limit to 35 mph reduces noise by 1/2 an then lowering the speed limit to 25 mph reduces noise by 3/4.  

 In conclusion, Watson Road residents need the following:  ban through trucks and lower the speed limit to safer speeds, pursuant to VDOT traffic safety study, for the safety of residents and to abate noise pollution.

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