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Pave Ticonderoga Road

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Ticonderoga Farms is one of the only surviving farms in eastern Loudoun County Virginia, one of the fastest growing and wealthiest areas in the United States. The owners of Ticonderoga Farms have chosen to maintain their 1,000+ acres as a farm rather than sellout and watch it become yet another huge housing development. The farm is located in the Washington D.C. suburbs and is one of the last of an endangered species (family owned farm) in the DC area.

Ticonderoga Road, which serves the farm, is the last road in the area that remains unpaved and not on schedule to be paved. While far less traveled roads get paved Ticonderoga Road gets the cold shoulder perhaps because a 1,000 acre farm doesn't generate the tax revenues 3,000 new homes/families would.

We are fortunate to have owners who love their land and farm and want to continue farming on the land that has been in their family for 5 generations.

Why paving the road is critically important to ALL area residents:

1 - Ticonderoga Road is an important road for commerce with heavy traffic and is in terrible condition.

2 - The road is the heaviest traveled gravel road in the district, far more so than Bull Run Post Office Road, the only other gravel road that has been given the green light for paving.

3 - The road serves one of the largest employers in the Dulles South area, Ticonderoga Farms, and causes damage to their business and it's potential due to the inhospitable road surface.

4 - It is an important school bus road, which for both safety and economy (ruins school buses) should be paved.

5 - It is an important detour for traffic when there are accidents on Gum Spring  or Braddock Road, an event which happens numerous times each year, most recently a day ago, and a position taken by the county, the Board of Supervisors and VDOT some time ago when it was proposed to close the road as an economy measure. Safety they said was paramount, and it should still be so.

6 - If paved it will encourage more use of Ticonderoga Farms, helping it to survive as a farm rather than a housing development.

7 - The county spends hundreds of thousands each year on trying to attract tourists. Ticonderoga is one of the largest tourist attractions and should not be burdened with a poor road.

Please sign our petition to pave Ticonderoga Road. Don't let it wait until 3000 homes are planted instead of vegetables, fruit, trees, and abundant wildlife.

Support the farm and open space!

Today: Ticonderoga is counting on you

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