Ban use of TOXIC crumb rubber on our playing fields - Use safe plant based materials!

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Ban use of TOXIC crumb rubber on our playing fields - Use safe plant based materials!

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Stephanie Heese started this petition to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Loudoun County School Board

Immediately Ban on use of TOXIC Tire Crumb Rubber on Synthetic Turf Fields - Loudoun County, VA - Suggest use of Plant-Based Alternative for SAFE Synthetic Turf Fields! Post Warning signs of danger at fields - Parents have a right to know.


Loudoun County has been installing synthetic turf fields at an alarming rate and there are plans for many more including many of our schools. We need your help to raise our voices and concerns to our local supervisors and elected officials to stop the use of this toxic material on the fields our children are playing on!

Ask Loudoun County to use safe plant-based infill, not toxic tire infill on all future fields and to replace the existing current toxic materials with the safe alternative. Our neighbor, Montgomery County, MD just unanimously chose to do this. Many other areas of the country, like NYC are seeing the dangers and choosing the safe alternatives as well.

As you may have seen on a recent NBC news story, crumb rubber contains a long list of carcinogens, heavy metals, PAHs, Phthalates (and other endocrine disruptors) as well as carbon black. The rubber is a synthetic mix of dangerous chemicals. Our kids absorb the chemicals through cuts in the skin, swallow it and track it into our homes. They inhale VOC’s and tire dust and ingest particulate matter. There are multiple levels of exposure.

Recent studies show these synthetic nano particles can penetrate tissue and cells and spread even to the brain. They can cause serious disease and cancers.

Concerned citizens in Fairfax County recently brought this issue to their board of supervisors and brought in a medical doctor expert who is a public health toxicologist. This highly credentialed and well respected toxicologist and health expert stated in no uncertain terms that the 82 goalies with cancer nationally signal a classic cancer cluster.

Montgomery County, MD just passed a unanimous Council vote to ban Crumb Rubber and to use infills made out of plant-based alternatives. Montgomery is Maryland's most populous county. Again, the vote was "unanimous." Such plant based alternatives are usually made of cork, coconut and rice husk combinations. Countries like Sweden and Norway also ban the material. California is considering a bill right now that would also enact a ban state-wide. Virginia has a similar bill.  

There is a national trend towards healthy living, especially here in Loudoun County. Many are stopping use of environmentally unsafe chemicals, cleaning products, dyes, plastics, sodas and more unhealthy choices for sake of our children. We want our kids outside. We want them in sports. Why knowingly continue to build these fields with toxic substances that have shown to cause childhood cancers and continue to let our children play on them!??

Why not have signs posted at each of these fields until they are turned into a healthy alternative material to let parents know of the dangers these fields and their materials and gases pose? Let parents choose. Just as we do with chemically treated or genetically modified foods, we have the right to know!

We can have these popular and easily maintained synthetic turf fields for our kids to play on, but do not need to use the risky infill materials when a plant based safe alternative is available. That just makes sense. A slightly lower cost to use tire rubber over the plant based filler is not worth children getting cancer.

Please sign this petition in support of a ban on Crumb Rubber.

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UPDATED INFO from Washington: 

Data below is from Amy Griffin, Associate Head Soccer Coach at the University of Washington.

There is no government agency collecting the data on either the cancers among student athletes who have played on synthetic turf for a number of years. Therefore collecting the cancer data has been left to Amy Griffin.
You will see below that the soccer goalies are the hardest hit. One would expect that because it is the goalies who are always diving and who are the most exposed to the toxins in the crumb rubber.

1. An updated cancer count collected by Amy Griffin at the University of Washington is 153 cancer cases. They come from all over the country with 32 coming from Washington State.

2. Of the 153 cancer cases 124 are soccer players.

3. Of the 124 soccer players 85 are soccer goalies.

4. 6 are either Field Hockey of Lacrosse players

5. 18 are football players

6. 5 are Baseball

Amy Griffin contact is
Assoc. Head Soccer Coach

Thank you for your support.

To be involved and help in our efforts please contact me via our Facebook page private message, thank you.

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