Square Inc. does not honor it's own statements, causing it's users to suffer and pay.

Square Inc. does not honor it's own statements, causing it's users to suffer and pay.

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Joel Goor started this petition to Square legal associates, directors, upper management, public relations (Square Inc.)

I had a very important transaction just a little while ago (third week of December 2018).  It was my sale of a watch I have had for some time,  but the sale was necessary in order to cover expenses and pay for holiday gifts and such.  

I had a classified ad posted which had some local and national interest.   The watch was a very special gold 1971, and the highest bidder at the time was from another part of the country,  which, while not as easy as a local transaction, was still within reason.   

I had previously heard of some fraudulent activity in these kind of situations, so I wanted to ensure I had a comprehensive and trustworthy solution prior to physically completing the transaction for the watch.  I did some looking around and found a couple well-known payment companies.  After calling Google Pay, they courteously explained they were working on enabling more of the payment systems for Canada,  but were not there yet,  so I called Square next.  

Due to the nature of their system,  I physically registered an account first,  then was provided a unique call in identifier and telephone number, which I promptly called in order to seek concise information about the transaction.  

The conversation was professional and very clear.  I spoke with a Square representative and explained my exact situation,  my concerns about the transaction,  and then questioned her again,  repeating the message for clarity sake.  

I explained I had heard of transactions having "chargeback fraud" (which is basically after a transaction is complete,  the payment method gets reversed and the seller is left with no goods and no payment) and also of other concerns,  asking her directly if there was ANYTHING that I needed to be aware of,  or do,  in order to secure and complete the transaction with no risk to myself.   She explained that if I followed her direction,  I would be safe and there would be no further complications.  

She instructed me to ask the buyer for a picture of their government ID, to create a detailed contract,  supporting pictures of the item,  and to arrange a tracked shipment via a credible carrier,  in order to also protect the buyer and provide them information on their purchase delivery,  she then also emailed me a contract template and confirmed the procedure. 

I did get the ID picture,  also the completed and endorsed contract,  then I sent the invoice for payment to the buyer,  which they promptly submitted payment for.   I then followed the next step and took pictures at the mail carrier,  with supporting information,  and mailed the watch overnight as per the buyers wishes. 

Everything went well,  the watch was delivered and my account showed the deposit; then, to my astonishment, I received an email from Square on the Sunday morning (original transaction was Thursday prior and watch was delivered Friday morning), saying that they suspected the transaction and that I SHOULD REFUND THE TRANSACTION.    

This was stunning for so many reasons,  starting with the fact the watch was already delivered (and I would clearly have no way to get it returned), and moreso : I had begun the conversation with the authorized Square employee to ask about exactly this situation and to ENSURE this wouldn't occur, to verify that would be protected, and to ask if there was anything I needed to be aware of.  

They misled me and did not follow through on their commitment or did not offer proper information when directly asked.  This is unacceptable for so many reasons.   They could have informed me about risk when asked,  or any other concerns of note.  They didn't.  I followed every instruction, and I have documented times,  notes,  and correspondences with them.   I  am now a victim and for the last 5 communications with them,  they either do not respond,  or say that the case is closed and I have no further options with them. 

I spoke with them last Thursday the 3rd and explained my situation as I have here,  and the delegate said that I could find legal recourse, to which I replied about if it was a State, federal, or international matter - and they couldn't provide me any information or direction,  only saying sorry.   

This is wrong for so many reasons.  For those reading this,  please support and ensure these things do not continue.   This is a clear example of a bigger company not honoring their word or commitment, and taking advantage of an individual whom they most likely see as not being able to afford proper legal aid or direction.   


I can provide all details.  



Joel Benjamin Goor, PMP®️







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