Get "Camphost Ken" out of our community

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I'm starting this petition as one more aid to use to show the owners, Federal Rangers, and the news if I have to go that far what is being done up at this campground and how this "host" is treating people.  So if you agree he needs to be removed or have a similar story to mine please sign this and share it!  If you haven't heard my story I'll post it below;


Hood River Residents, family and friends I am so upset right now! I don't know my rights I don't know where to go from here or what to do next. I do know however that I have every right to get on here to you and together we might be able to get somewhere! As most of you know mom and I took the boys up to Laurence Lake Wednesday. We were having a great week as we do every year and have for probably 10 years. We used to celebrate my Moms brother's Birthday up there with him and since he's passed away every year we go up there take a cake and camp. Last night we were permanently kicked out of Laurence Lake by the camp host Ken. Here's what happened... Friday morning Ken started up his extremely Loud Generator, mom and I just took the boys down to the lake out of our camp spot and played in the Lake and beside it most the day. We came up for dinner about 6 and shortly after he turned it off. Saturday morning same thing he started his Generator, by then I was getting upset! I took the video that is posted with this post to show how loud and close this Generator is to our camp site. It's kinda hard to hear how loud it is but you can hear Mom and Trenton yelling at each other trying to talk back and forth and that's seriously what you had to do! Dad and Uncle Roger came up to spend the afternoon with us first thing they noticed was that Generator. Roger went up and asked if they could shut it off and Kens wife told him "We have cats in here that need the Air Conditioner". That was the end of the conversation we again left our campsite and went down to the lake where it was much more quiet. We came back up for dinner about 7 to the Generator still running. Both Ken and his wife are not there they are down several camp sites visiting with friends or family they had reserved a site for down by the Lake where it's nice and quiet. We literally can not sit in our camp site and talk to each other over this noise! So uncle Roger shut the Generator off. We got several "Thank you's" from campers around us. Ken came over asked if we turned it off Roger said yes "I did I've listened to it all day we politely asked you to turn it off it is just rude! Not at all what a camp HOST should be doing". He told us he'd turn it off when he was damned good and ready to turn it off and he's the host he can do whatever he wants in his campsite! He went into how he doesn't get the pleasure of just enjoying himself up here and cooling off in the lake he has a job to do and he needs that AC, Roger explained how his wife had just explained earlier how it was for the cats! Either way it's beside the point who it's for the point is people come up to the hills to camp in the peace and quiet of nature not to listen to someone's Generator day in and day out! That was the end of the conversation with Ken, however he went down and called the Police! The video below shows what happened after that. He banned us from going to Laurence Lake if we go up there he will call the cops and we go to Jail for trespassing. ALL of us! Roger said I did it, ban me and I'll go home don't punish them. Nope Ken said he wants us ALL gone and ALL banned! We had to pick up our entire camp at 8-9 at night, we rolled off the hill in the dark. Are we in the wrong here? We didn't throw the damn thing in the river we simply shut it off, we have names and numbers of other campers who were on our side and who were right there with us wanting that thing turned OFF! Both Police officers who came up were very apologetic and said him running a Generator all day is wrong! They told us names of people to get ahold of to file a complaint cause they would be doing the same thing if they were in our shoes. They said however if Ken wants you kicked out because he doesn't like the way you look he can do it, and they have to enforce it! So please feel free to share this post, let's make him famous! If you have any advice or if you agree his actions are wrong let me know id like to start a petition to get him out of there! Or at least make him apologize to our family and get his Generator out of that campground!



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