Saving the streets dogs from the devil winter. �...........�

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Saving the dogs from the bitterly winter is the need of the hour. We all are in beds and  blankets by late 10 o clock but the street dogs are all alone.  They kept shivering all night.  Imagine the situtaion If we were born as dogs. Most of the dogs die due to the bloddy winter. 

We should live for everyone not only  for ourself. We have to find the solution for the problem immediately.We can save the dogs in the following ways.                             

  1. By signing my petition and spreading awareness among all to save the dogs.  
  2. By serving them with some food so that they can keep themself warm. 
  3. We can make  small shelters for them to stay.  
  4. By givin them old sweters or used blankets in the night